Satori | Album, 2017

by Lex (de Kalhex)

"Satori" (LP / CD / Tape, 2017)
© Akromégalie Records
© Rockwell Product Shop [Japan]

Produced & Mixed by – Lex (de Kalhex) 
Trumpet by – Segawa Tatsuya
T-sax & Additional keys by – Uyama Hiroto
Mastered by – Ryota Noguchi
Photography & Artwork by – Alex Besikian
A&R for Japan by – Takumi Koizumi

Hardly is there such a music induce to a deep meditation, especially among Hip Hop albums.
Lex's creative spirit is heading to his inner mind. In this sense there is some similarities between him and Nujabes in trying to push boundaries of the definition of Hip Hop by unique ways. 

It's natural that Lex designated Uyama Hiroto and Segawa Tatsuya as the collaborators of his album. These two are also known as Nujabes’ ones. 

'Satori' is a japanese word meaning 'understanding' or 'enlightenment' in buddhism term. Although it is never didactic, the collection of songs with uncountable flipped samples is elegantly constructed to affect your mind in abstract ways. And it is nothing but Satori that hit you when you listen to this beautiful album.

Kousuke Awane (sonimage-Lab, inc / Seeds And Ground)