In March 2019, Keiji Ito & Alex Besikian spent two weeks together at Ito’s studio in Tokyo
to create the content of their first duo exhibition.

“Days Of Past Future” book is published on the occasion of their show at Galerie P38, Paris.

The title refers to Ito’s book “Future Days” (2003), discovered by Besikian
few years later in France and became the spark of their dialogue.


Where the possible future from the past and the possible past from the future
encroch on each other’s domain, what they create forms another shape of the
world which might exists in your alternative life crossing the real and surreal.

Thus, their works get into your brain as visual informations and produce the pulse
wave which plays the groove inside your body.
Listening to the inner voice of the psychedelia, what do you see in their works ?

Awane (Seeds And Ground / sonmage-Lab,inc)