Cairn | Album, 2018

by Lex (de Kalhex)
"Cairn" (LP / CD, 2018)
© Akromégalie Records
© Rockwell Product Shop [Japan]

Produced & Mixed by – Lex (de Kalhex)
Mastered by – Ryota Noguchi
Photography & Artwork by – Alex Besikian
A&R for Japan by – Takumi Koizumi

“Lex (de Kalhex)'s new album realized the ideal of sampling art with densely constructed grooves from the gems that has been buried deeply in the crates. Keeping the spirit of Hip Hop, the unleashed vibe from his inner universe to the outer space bounces beyond any genres of music. This masterpiece will be a cairn for every artist.”
Kousuke Awane (sonimage-Lab, inc / Seeds And Ground)


I conceive each album as a continuation of the previous one, but also as an incentive to break with it.

So far, each release was based on a journey I made and the inspiration and feelings it sparked within me. Each time I visit a new country — in case of "Cairn" it was my trip to Scandinavia — I dig for records and discover new landscapes with unique colors. All of this helps me to picture the music I’m looking for.

Usually it starts with an analog photograph I take of that place. In succession to that I create sound that could tell my story of this picture. To me, the record cover is as important as the music. It doesn’t have to illustrate the album’s title but has to complete the sound experience by giving the listeners clues on how I understand it.

A cairn is a heap of stones piled up as a memorial or as a landmark. I like the idea of a sculpture made from natural elements. And while the materials used are products of nature, a cairn is the result of human interaction in his/her environment. To me this sums up what we are doing as artists. We com-pile elements that surround us to create something new, that hopefully people will refer to.

Lex (de Kalhex)